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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 19:06:49 +0100 From: Pearse Jackson Subject: AdventuresThis story was inspired by yaoi publications I've seen in recent weeks; the small paragraphs, each with a very vivid picture, paint a truly wonderful, breathtaking picture. This story is not a copy of the stories in those publications, but there are some slight similarities; in short, its an abstract inspiration.A big thank you to the Archivist, my readers, those who send me emails (even if I don't always reply, which I am sorry for), you all make me feel special, which is quite important to me. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.AdventuresChapter 1: A SurpriseAndy Martin lay on his bed, rubbing his 2 inch long erect penis, as he watched two beautiful lesbians make love in a schoolgirl-schoolteacher setting on his laptop. He loved how sexy the women were, green with envy at their beauty. He himself was a feminine boy, though he sounded and acted straight, but he knew he'd never look as sexy at those women, and it haunted him, as much the porn turned him on.He was just changing over to his latest obsession; hentai porn, specifically yaoi (male on male) and futanari/yuri (transsexual), when his mother called, in that voice of hers that said, without saying it, ''now''. He sighed, turned off his browser and went downstairs to see what she was yelling about.She was sitting with his father at the dinner table, and Andy nearly moaned, for he knew it was going to be another of his parents' infamous ''parent-son'' talks. He sat down across the table from them, waiting, a show of patience on his features although he resented these talks.''Andy,'' his mother, Christine, began, ''this is going to sound odd, but......we're sending you off to.....a friend of mine. To live with him.''Andy was struck dumb. This was not what he had expected, and he sought to formulate a theory, stammering, ''Are you getting a divorce?''They looked surprised by this, and his father, Brad, said with a note of amusement in his voice, ''No, Andy, we're not.''They smiled little half smiles, leaving Andy quite creeped out. ''Then why do I have to go live with this friend?'' Andy said, with outrage in his voice.''Because we're sick of you pining and crying that you're lonely,'' Christine said, making Andy's jaw drop, smiling a kinky smile as she added, ''and its about time you went out and had your first ''taste'' of cock.''He thought the first bit had been shocking. The second bit had blown his world. He couldn't believe his mother could say such a thing, insinuate such a thing, although he knew himself that he definately leaned (and that was understating it; he didn't watch female porn without wishing he was a sexy female so he could seduce men, and the only thing on his mind when watching transsexual or gay porn was quite obvious) towards that side of sexuality.Frankly.....her bold words had given him a rush; his cock was stiff, and his cheeks flushed.Brad, obviously amused by his wife's words and his son's distress, added, ''It'll be good for you, sweetie,'' Andy's rush becoming quite larger at ''sweetie'', something his father had never called him before, listening close, while not believing Lolita Paysites this was happening, as his father went on, ''you need to get a guy for yourself, and explore a little.''Andy was far, far too turned on by his parents' words for his liking, but tried to keep some pride; ''I'm not gay,'' he protested, hearing an odd note in his own voice.His parents laughed, and his mother said, amusement making her eyes sparkle, ''Honey, we've seen the porn on your computer. We've even heard you moan of guys' names in your sleep.''Andy was on the verge of cumming, and he couldn't figure out why. His parents had spied on him, had heard him moan out the names of the guys in his (wet) dreams and were now sending him off to a guy, for his ''first ''taste'' of cock''. He was humiliated to his core.Exhilirated to his core. This was so fucking hot.....His mother was continuing; ''We're not mad, or anything, frankly it was some great porn. Me and your dad enjoyed it. Very much,'' she purred, smiling at Brad in a reminiscent way, as Andy's mouth continued to gulp at air liked a stunned goldfish. The memories were obviously quite something, for Christine, with one wicked smile sent Andy's way, leaned into his father and kissed him, her full lips on his.''Oh my God.....,'' he gasped under his breath as he watched his parents' tongues met, outside their mouths, curling over and onto each other, tasting each others' lips. His father had reached out a hand to stroke his mother's voluptuous breasts, and the angle of one of his mother's arms suggested she was stroking his father under the table.He came, and did what he always did when he came; he squealed a high pitched, girlish squeal. His parents broke their kiss, looking startled, but then his mother smiled a wicked smile, and purred, in a voice that aroused Andy more than it, maybe, should have, ''Oh sweetie, I didn't know you were so girly. So I guess that sissy porn we found was one of your favourites.....''Andy felt so humiliated at that moment. They had found his sissy porn.....ever since he had found it, he had been dreaming of becoming a sissy.....had even worn some of his mother's clothes, and found the experience to be so amazing.''Don't be ashamed, sweetie, everyone has their own thing,'' Christine purred, only adding to his oddly arousing embarrassment. He looked at them, seeing amused interest on his mother's face, an odd look on his father's, realising with reddening cheeks that his mother's arm was still angled in that suggestive way towards his father.''You'll be going tomorrow, to Tony's house. You'll be living with him for as long as he wants you, Andy, so you better behave when you're there,'' his mother cautioned him, a stern look on her face, ''I don't want you insulting my lovers.''Andy had been about to assure her, however odd it may be, that he'd be good for this friend of hers, until she said ''lover''. His mouth gaped open. ''Your.....lover?'' Andy stuttered, looking from his father to his mother.''Yes, I have many lovers, Andy, and so does your father,'' she said in a reasonable voice, that just didn't make sense in this context, Andy would've thought. ''We like to experience all sides of sex, and I'm pretty sure we have,'' she finished with a wicked smile at Brad, who smiled back at her.''O.....k.....,'' Andy slowly said. His whole world had just been turned upside down. They must not have had sex here very often; Andy was quite anti-social, so was at his house everyday. He suddenly looked at his mother differently; she was stunning, a sexy, Mistress-like quality to her face, graceful limbs, long, sexy legs she was always showing off in skirts and mini dresses, and two incredibly big breasts, considering her slender physique. Her ass and hips had always seemed to defied logic, incredibly wide compared Lolita Paysites to her waist. He caught himself wondering what her pussy was like, and blushed even redder (if that was remotely possible at this junction). His father......he didn't need to look at him differently, for he had been thinking of him for years as a man rather than his parent; a handsome, rugged square face, muscles that popped out of his tight shirts, always wearing sleeveless T-shirts that left Andy hard with arousal, as he got to look at his beautiful biceps. His father went to a gym quite a few times a week, so Andy knew he would be the dominant if they were lovers; he had never seen himself as anything other than submissive, so that excited him to no end.He had to rouse himself from his thoughts, as his father asked, with some anxiety, ''Andy, is this ok with you? I'm afraid its going to have to happen even if it isn't, but I'd like you to be ok with this......''Andy had to concentrate hard on his father's words; he always did, always had to struggle to keep the fantasies he had had about his father from his mind when in his presence, else he had to run off to the bathroom quickly to ''compose'' himself.Was he ok with this? It was a huge surprise.....but it was exciting, he was excited about it. This man, one of his mother's lovers, no less, was taking him in, and would be taking his virginity......Christ, how could anyone fail to be aroused by it?''I'm.....ok with it,'' he said, trembling a little as he was overcome with emotion, his eyes averted from them, needing to explain himself, for reasons not immediately clear, ''I always wanted to get out there, and find a nice......guy'', still blushing at saying it, despite their talk, ''but I worried about what you guys would think about me......being gay......'', finally looking up at them to find a sympathetic look on his parents' faces.''Honey, we Lolita Paysites are sorry, we know you're still young, but....,'' his mother began in an understanding voice that made him feel slightly better, ''we've just experienced so much, me and your dad.....we wanted you to get your turn. I mean, by your age, I had already had three different guys'', she concluded with a wicked smile at Andy, who was shocked. He was sixteen; by sixteen, she had had three different guys?!God, how arousing was that?''Wow......,'' Andy finally said, his mind quite blown at this stage, ''I didn't know you guys were so......adventurous.''''Well, we are,'' his mother said, a note of disapproval in her voice, ''sex doesn't have to stop, just because you're parents, does it?''''I guess not,'' Andy said, properly ashamed, ''I find it, that you're still like that.''One of his mother's eyebrows arched, making her look even more Mistress-like, as she purred, ''You only find''Her high heel rubbed up against his crotch under the table. He moaned, reaching a hand down to his mother's leg, as if to stop it, but she only continued to rub him. It felt was the first time anyone had ever rubbed his cock, apart from himself.....he rubbed his hand over his mother's smooth calf, his parted lips drawing in shuddering breaths as he looked, flushed, at his mother, who was smiling the sexiest, wicked smile he had ever seen.''Ok, honey, I think he gets it,'' his father said with a chuckle, no jealousy or disgust in his voice at all; God, they were really impressing Andy right now. His mother put on a delicious pout, and lowered her foot, disappointingly to Andy. ''Aren't you going over to Jim's, Christy?'', Brad asked her.''Uhuh,'' Christine replied, a smile of anticipation on her face, adding as she grabbed her coat and headed to the door, with another wicked smile that set Andy's cock throbbing, ''You two'', going out the door then.''Fun''......Andy turned to his father, his lips parted as he hoped, but didn't truly believe.His father was smiling a wide, predatory smile at him. He got up and went over to the sitting room, sitting down on the couch in front of the TV, and smiled at Andy, who had risen, almost hypnotized by the thought that his father was going to have ''fun'' with him this night.''Honey, I left a little something for you up on my bed,'' he said, in a deep, husky voice that actually made Andy moan softly, adding, ''there's a DVD under it, as well, bring that down when you're done putting on your present.''Andy walked out, under a spell by his father's words......''after you're done putting on your present''......Chapter 2: TransformationHe nearly ran upstairs into his parents' bedroom, stopping in the doorway as he saw a most delightful, arousing sight.Items, of a pure sexual nature, were stacked, neatly, on top of one another. On top, a tube of pink lip gloss, and mascara. He blushed, recognoising the lip gloss as one of them items he had often taken from his mother's room. Underneath this, there was a pair of white stockings, with little black bows on the back of the hems. He had never found where his mother kept her stockings, so this was quite a happy surprise (and that was understating it; he loved how sexy stockings were). A pair of pink boyshort panties were also there; this was almost proving too much for Andy, as he imagined how the tight fabric would feel against his ass cheeks (or as they were called in the sissy porn he liked to watch, ''pussy'' cheeks, which he personally preferred). Below that.....was the frame that finished the masterpiece of femininity; a pink, flat cupped babydoll, most of the silky material was so Lolita Paysites thin it was practically see through, with a slit below where the woman's breasts should be, to show off the stomach of the wearer.Andy nearly ripped off his clothes, throwing it to one side disdainfully. He slowly put on the panties, with trembling hands; the sexy fabric rubbed the smooth insides of his legs, the ass of the panties slipping between his pussy cheeks sensually, rubbing the tenderness that was his pussy. He felt, with his hands, how they came across both cheeks at an angle, not entirely covering them, blushing as he imagined his father admiring that.Next, the stockings; they rubbed his legs the whole way up, the hems settling around his legs about halfway up his thighs. He looked down, smiling in surprised glee that the skin of his thigh that was left naked looked quite feminine; slim, shiny (he kept his legs shaved, though hair grew very slowly on both his legs, and he loved to use the lotion his mother used on his body) and shapely. He was feeling increasingly horny for his father, so he hurried onto his next piece of clothing.The babydoll......the panties had been wonderful, the stockings so intensely sensual, but the babydoll......the shoulder straps, slim weak-looking things that they were, felt feminine enough against his shoulders. But then came the fabric of the front of it; it stuck to his smooth skin, and it stung his tender nipples so arousingly, making them pert and poke through the fabric. His belly had that feminine, oval O to it, and there was none of that pudgy skin around his waist, above the panties, that men often have; all in all, he was very pleased and aroused by how feminine the clothes made him look. He refrained from looking in the full length mirror by the master bathroom door, instead moving past it to go inside the bathroom, with the make up his father had left for him, looking carefully in the make up mirror of the small cupboard above the sink in the room to apply first the lip gloss, a slender coat of it, then more carefully (he had never used it before, but had seen it used on videos on his computer), he applied the mascara. He blushed as he looked in the small mirror, seeing his face, neck and shoulders; he looked like a girl......he had round cheeks, with high cheekbones (probably from his mother's side), arched eyebrows that were naturally quite slim, though Andy liked to slim them himself, every now and again. He had wide lips, that really looked dazzling in the lip gloss. The black mascara made his bright blue eyes all the more striking, and gave him that ''mysterious look'', as he called it, that women get when wearing mascara or black eyeshadow. His brown, shoulder length hair looked quite feminine also, and had an auburn sheen to it; another legacy of using his mother's shower products.He went back to the bedroom, hoping and praying his body looked as feminine in the mirror as his own sight had confirmed.He gasped as he looked at someone he hardly knew. He now blessed that he was quite feminine; he had a graceful face, feminine shoulders, long, slim arms with only a woman's proportion of Lolita Paysites muscle on them, his chest that was uncovered by the babydoll was without fault. He had breasts, he realised with a delighted and embarrassed smile; they were ever so slightly pointed, his breasts, very much like the budding breasts on a young girl about to experience puberty. They pushed at the breasts of the babydoll, Andy feeling glad the babydoll was cupless, as it simply made his breasts more accessible, more noticeable. His stomach had that oval O of muscle he had noticed earlier, but even more pleasing to him, there was a slight, sexy curve to his hips and sides, a very feminine feature. His legs, which Lolita Paysites would have looked good because of the stockings, looking amazing.....longer than he would've hoped, more shapely and sexier than he'd've hoped. He was kinda glad he wasn't wearing high heels; he had never gotten a chance to practise walking in them, as he didn't want to make a racket when his parents were in the house. He was about to finish his ogling of himself, when he realised he had forgotten a key aspect; his pussy. He turned to the side, and his eyes grew wide, as his smile grew wider, with a note of disbelief in it, as he noticed the large swells that were his pussy cheeks. He reached his hands around his sides to touch them; the skin was soft, but the cheeks were Lolita Paysites tight, offering resistance upon hard rubbing.He stopped rubbing himself, and looked into the mirror, incredulous; how? How did he look that sexy? True.....he treated himself like a girl, adopted girlish practises in the hope that someday he'd get a man (keeping his eyebrows slim, keeping hairless, using girly products, even using stool softener and enemas, even though he had never had a man inside him), but he had never believed he had the balls (ironically) to take the first step in becoming the feminine treasure he always wanted to be for some big, well endowed hunk of a man.......his efforts to remain ''sexy'' (there was quite a lot of self hate in Andy; he had been suffering depression for over a year now, self hate and shame being the main muses for his depression, so he had never truly believed that he could look anywhere near as sexy as those beautiful women he looked at on his computer) had a note of desperation about it.......His parents were making it happen, he realised with a leap of his heart; he wanted to pay them back for it. So, he set his Lolita Paysites mind on being sexy for his father, the man of his dreams. He almost walked out of the bedroom, before remembering the DVD his father had asked for; he found it near the pillows, not where the clothes had been at all, though he normally would've noticed a DVD just lying there. He had obviously been too obsessed with the clothing, he realised with a blush and a girlish giggle. He picked it up, a plain DVD, in an unmarked case.....he guessed he'd have to wait to see what it was.He walked out of the room, his mind going over previous fantasies of his father, now completely unresisted by his guilty mind.Chapter Lolita Paysites 3: InitiationHe stepped down the stairs slowly, anticipation growing, loving the soft padding noises his stockinged feet made on the carpet covered stair steps. The babydoll and panties rubbed his body all the way, and he was hard as he had ever been when he walked back into the sitting room.He gasped. His father had stripped off his tight T-shirt, and Andy could see the gleaming muscles of his torso. He had one hand down his pants, obviously rubbing himself, as he looked at the porn that Andy had saved on his laptop. When did he go upstairs? Andy thought to himself, realising that he must have been very absorbed with feminizing himself to have not heard his father going upstairs.His father heard his gasp, and closed Andy's laptop, laying it on an armchair beside the couch, looking over the side of the couch at Andy, with a wicked grin on his face. ''Hmm, well don't you look delicious, princess?''Andy was blushing his way to a stroke, he felt, but he whispered, ''Thank you, Daddy,'' hearing his girlish tone on the word ''Daddy'' and blushing. He never called his father ''Daddy''......except in his dreams, when he wasn't calling him Brad, that was.Brad smiled wider at ''Daddy'', and purred, ''You can call me Brad, honey. Unless you'd rather call me Daddy, of course.....'', his eyes watching Andy's for his response.Andy couldn't believe himself when he said, ''I think I like calling you......Daddy, Daddy,'' smiling a nervous smile at his father.''Hmm, you naughty little thing,'' his father purred, shaking his head as Andy's cheeks continued to gain colour. ''Come over here, sexy, and put in that DVD.''Andy came as if on a leash, noticing how his father watched his hips and pussy, deliberately trying to make them sway. He may as well act the part, he realised, as this was his night as a girl. Instead of crouching to put in the DVD, he got on hands and knees, making sure his pussy was arched up into the air, imagining how his father was enjoying this, because Andy was loving it. He put it in and rose slowly, turning to Brad, who smiled at Andy, and opened his arms. Andy stepped forward, suddenly short of breath, realising this would be the moment that began a night of sex with his father. He stepped forward into his father's embrace, and Brad turned him on, and sat him down on his lap, kissing the back of Andy's neck softly, making the young boy moan softly, as he felt his father's hands start to rub his sides and stomach through his babydoll, the sheer fabric exciting his skin.''I wish we had feminized you sooner, honey, you look very, very sexy.'' Brad whispered into his ear as his father kissed and licked his earlobe. ''Don't forget to watch the movie, sweetness,'' his father reminded him, and Andy fixed his gaze on the TV, as his father ceased his kissing of him, but continued to gently rub him.Pictures started to form, and pictures can say a thousand words, so the saying goes. The pictures on the TV sparked off a thousand fantasies, nevermind a thousand words.It was a huge black man, easily 6'3'', and at least 240 pounds of muscle bulging from his not absurdly thick frame. There seemed to be no fat on him at all, only rock hard muscle, the size of him dwarfing even his fit father. Oh my God, Andy thought as he finally caught a glimpse of the man's cock.It had to be 12 1/2, 13 inches long, and about 6 inches thick. Andy's mouth fell open. It looked like a rather long can of soda, and considering the strength of the man behind it, it could easily fuck a woman to death, he imagined.Then an almost scared looking young boy, dressed beautifully in a pink, thigh length chemise and adorable make up, walked up to him. The man pulled him close, for a kiss that crushed the boy's feminized body against the bigger man, and Andy could see the black man's hands digging into the pussy cheeks of the small boy. The young boy panted and moaned as they broke apart, while the man grinned, a wolfish, lustful grin. He released the boy's pussy and went over to sit on a bed, a rather grand looking bed, his legs opened, and he beckoned the boy in such a way that it left no doubt that the man expected his cock to be sucked by him. Andy watched at the boy walked to him; the young boy was so sexy, beautiful legs completely naked under the bottom of his chemise, walking gracefully, if a little distractedly by the black man, in a pair of shimmering high heels. He had long, brown hair that reached his shoulder blades, not totally unlike Andy's, and the hair fell around his face and onto the man's cock as he put his head there. The camera changed so Andy could see the fear, and the hunger, in the boy's face as he contemplated blowing this mammoth of a cock. The way the camera angle was changing, Andy could see it was various different cameras set up inside the room, rather than a cameraman, and the best angles were used at different times.The black man was enjoying the boy's indecision, and took his neck in his hands, slowly bringing the boy's lips to the tip of his cock. The boy moaned, but didn't resist, instead kissing it over and over. ''That's right, sexy, lick that cock. Don't you love it, the taste of it, the size?'' the black man said in a deep, almost hypnotic voice that had Andy's cock throbbing in his panties. The boy nodded, obviously under the man's spell now, and the man pressed home his advantage, ''Do you know what that makes you? That makes you my bitch, girl,'' he purred as he stroked his hair, the boy now licking his cock like a dog. ''What are you, girl?'', he said as he pulled the boy head back from his cock a few inches, holding him there, even though the boy obviously wanted more. Indeed, he attempted to struggle to get his mouth to it, but the man's grip held him firmly.''Your bitch, Master,'' the boy said in a shuddering voice, ''your cock sucking bitch, Master.''''That you are,'' he said with a grin, leaning down to whisper, loud enough that the camera caught it, ''now you're mine.''The boy nodded, and Master released his head. The boy's mouth flew to Master's cock, and started to take inches of it in.Andy came with a squeal, wetting his panties. The movie stopped there, the last image of it, the young boy totally submissive to Master as he sucked his cock, frozen on the screen.''Glad you enjoyed it, honey,'' Brad whispered into his ear, ''do you know who that man was?''''No, Daddy,'' he whispered back, his eyes still glued on the dreamy look on the boy's face as he sucked his Master's cock.''That's your mother's friend, Tony. Master Tony, he's known, as he's the owner of the best whorehouse in America.''Andy came again at this, squealing Lolita Paysites even louder at that news, his small penis going limp, but oozing cum.His father lifted him, and turned him, laying Andy's knees down on either side of his legs. His hands curled slowly around his hips to rub at his pussy cheeks, while his son moaned and whimpered in his hands, barely managing to whimper, ''Whorehouse, Daddy? Am I going to be.......''''No, no sweetness,'' his father quickly said, ''you're to be Tony's pleasure boy.''Oh my God, Andy could only think, for his father gently pulls Andy's neck down, and Andy kisses his father, in what is his first kiss. His lips dominated Andy's, and Brad's hands started rubbing down once more to his pussy, rubbing the cheeks, spreading them and playing with his panties. He moaned into the kiss, leaving an opening for Brad to slip his tongue into, and Andy felt the hotness of Brad's open mouth, and the wet pressure of his tongue. Brad moved his lips from Andy's and moved his head down to kiss his son's neck, while Andy held onto Brad's shoulders, moaning and whimpering. Andy felt Brad suck on his neck for a few moments, before his lips continued their downward descent, kissing his bare chest. Andy stared into his eyes as Brad's head came back up, his father's hands gliding up Andy's back to the shoulder straps of his babydoll, lowering them around Andy's shoulders and baring his nipples. Brad's lips found Andy's again for another steamy kiss, while Brad slowly brings his hands between their bodies and rubs at Andy's nipples.Andy tensed hard, as his pert nipples tingle and pulse in his father's wide hands. He couldn't believe how good the simple sounding act of stroking his nipples could be, but it was heavenly. Andy pushed his chest against his father's hands as he archs, feeling his limp penis begin to stiffen once more to the pleasure emanating from his nipples. His father's tongue leaves Andy's mouth and he draws back, just watching Andy as he strokes his nipples. Andy kept his eyes closed, not able to open them; it felt as if the pleasure that was his father stroking his, obviously tender, nipples paralysed his body.Eventually, he stopped, his hands slowly rubbing Andy's sides, as he whispered, ''Wow, honey, you're a tender little thing.''Andy blushed, and leaned forward to kiss his father once more, softly, over and over, rubbing his neck and the muscles of his shoulders. His father responded, smiling warmly, each time, but eventually gripped Andy's hips and lifted the boy off of him. Andy moaned in displeasure, but Brad set Andy down, on his knees, between his legs. Brad sat back, his arms on the armrests, obviously waiting to see if his boy would seek his cock for himself.He did. Andy reached, with trembling hands, for the fly of his father's pants, unzipping them. His father reached a hand down, and pulled out his cock, smiling as he laid his arm back on the armrest, watching his son. Andy had started breathing shallowly, and gasped upon seeing his father's naked cock.9 inches long, of pure manliness, maybe 3 inchs thick. The head was bulbous, and Andy could see precum coating the slit on the tip of his father's cock.He leaned his head forward, feeling his father's hands gently rub his neck, as he put his lips to it. He drew back, a string of translucent precum connecting his glossy lips to his father's cock. He leaned forward again, and now kissed the head of it, all over, using first just the tip of his tongue to taste him, then as the taste began to dominate his mouth, he used his full tongue on it, hungrily licking his father.''Oh, princess, that feels great......,'' his father moaned, and Andy felt pride rising, though it was at least a little overshadowed by lust. He brought his hands up, and wrapped them around the bottom of his father's cock, rubbing slowly as he parted his lips and let Brad's meaty cock into his mouth, moaning at the same time as Brad as he does so. The taste was overpowering, numbing his senses. As he took in inches of it, he could smell the musky scent of his father's cock and pubic hair. He licked the underside of it as it glided over his tongue, moaning around it, as his father groaned and purred soft, encouraging words, stroking his hair. Andy could only manage about 5 inches of it before the urge to gag came to him, but he licked and sucked that 5 inches like there was no tomorrow. He started rubbing more vigourously at his father's cock, hearing his father's moans of pleasure go deeper. His father's hands took his neck and gripped him, moaning, ''Oh Andy, your mouth is so fucking hot.....,'' moments before he cried out and tensed, his cock exploding in Andy's mouth.Andy had wanted his cum, but it still took him by surprise. He felt cum drip down his chin and down his father's cock onto his hands, but he tried to hold the rest. God, it was so hot, so creamy and sticky.....he moved his tongue around in his mouth, licking both cum and his father's cock, letting it trickle freely down his throat, feeling it coat everything it touched with the essence of his hunk father. He started deep throating quickly, back and forth, his lips rubbing against Brad's cock hard as he could manage, while his tongue pleasured it.Brad came twice more in Andy's mouth, and both times Andy was only too glad to take it all in. Upon the last climax of his father, he came himself, into his panties, from the sheer pleasure that he got from making his father moan, and the incredible taste and presence of his huge cock in his mouth. He drew back, almost dazed from the blowjob he had given, looking up at his father, who was looking down at him fondly, stroking his hair and rubbing his neck.''That was great, Andy,'' his father said in a husky voice, ''you give a great blowjob.''Andy blushed and whispered, ''Thank you, Daddy.''Brad stroked his feminized son's hair for a few more moments, then purred, ''Well, I could do with a shower, honey. Care to join me?''Andy nearly fainted at the mention of a shower with his muscular, virile Daddy, and nodded hastily, as if fearing a slow answer would receive a negative answer. Brad smiled a knowing smile, and stood up, taking Andy by the hand and pulling him up. He beckoned Andy forward, purring with a wicked grin, ''Ladies first,'' and Andy blushed prettily, walking in front of his father, feeling his father place his wide hands on his pussy cheeks, nearly engulfing them as he rubbed and stroked them. Andy could only moan and whimper, as he led the way up the stairs. End of Part 1
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